Ethan Gold - Beings

Ethan Gold –  Indie Musician

Ethan Gold is a Los Angeles based indie musician, singer, songwriter. Born and raised in San Francisco, Ethan Gold settled in Los Angeles in 1999 where he began scoring for films and writing songs. In 2003 he co-founded the Expatriots Collective, a series of monthly shows around Los Angeles with groups of musicians gathered on stage, taking turns spontaneously playing songs that would connect, lyrically or musically, to what the artist before them had performed. It was an experiment in role-playing as musical storytellers in community. During his time in Los Angeles, Ethan Gold was also writing demos for a rock opera named The Rise and Fall of CAP. Selected works from this 75 track opus eventually became the groundwork for his debut album Songs from a Toxic Apartment as an indie solo musician. Songs From A Toxic Apartment has been praised in Pitchfork, Rock N Roll Experience, Revolt, and Glide, and Ethan Gold has been the subject of feature stories by LA Weekly, ASCAP, and elsewhere.

New Album: BEINGS

Our Love is Beautiful
Storm Coming
The Cold Glow
I See You
It’s Never Enough
Hammer to Heart
Pretty Girls
The Party’s Over
Who Will Save Us Now?
Rabbits in a Sea of Stones
Never Met a World Like You

Songs From A Toxic Apartment

Why Don’t You Sleep? (Click To View Video)
Royal Flush (Click To View Video)
Are We Recording?
They Turned Away
“That” (reprise)
Come on Beat it Down
I.C.U. (toxic)
On Edge (celestial porch)
To Isis Sleeping