Ethan Gold Bio

Ethan Gold makes music

Produced Elvis Perkins‘ debut Ash Wednesday

Played bass and some other stuff for the Size Queens and the Honey Brothers

Scores films like Helicopter and Adventures of Power, and the upcoming The Song of Sway Lake, which features John Grant and the Staves singing his songs

Self-released his debut Songs From a Toxic Apartment which people liked and was autobiographical theatre and also metaphoric rather than literal

Suffered a head injury and lost the words for sentences, for a while

Realized through direct experience that the mind is not all we are

Has patronized every restaurant and bars in six east side neighborhoods of Los Angeles

Is American, but of the world

Leads the synth pop band Vyprz which you haven’t heard yet but will

Plays instruments and sings his voice

Rewrote his bio this morning using the kinds of digestible discreet thoughts that people like these days

Went around the world last year filming hundreds of people singing his song “Our Love is Beautiful” which people cover and upload on YouTube all the time on their own, but will finally appear on his next album, which is being re-recorded in response to current world events

Takes dictation for songs from dream states

Played recorder in acoustic gothic songs

Sings lullabies of yearning

Makes his own music videos and some for friends sometimes

Produces art rock songs

Can only love the way he loves

Plays guitars and synthesizers and pianos

inquiries [at] ethangold [dot] com    US 323-663-4653

 list [at] ethangold [dot] com