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Je Suis

Je suis Paris.  I am Beirut.  I am Ankara.  I am Garissa University.  I am schoolgirl on a Russian plane flying out of an Egyptian vacation.  I am a Guatemalan girl traded into slavery.  I am a bonobo murdered in a rainforest.  I am a sloth falling to my death in a clearcut tree.  I […]

Our Love is Beautiful Journey Part Five: Mexico City – Pátzcuaro – San Francisco – Los Angeles

On to México, neighbors to the south. Big country, and the grandeur of the gulf itself reminds me it is a world, meaning, it is many worlds. Bluesmen and country singers escaped to to this big land, in songs, in their minds. Some escaped for a new life. Not all, one hopes, like the Apocalypse […]

Our Love is Beautiful Journey Part Four: Lakewood/Cleveland – New York – Nashville

America.  Murica.  The U.S.  Los Estados Unidos.   Home? The only difficult entry to any country was into mine. It was both the least formal and the most aggressive immigration staff of any of the countries I’d entered. Got held in a small room at JFK while an immigration officer spoke to the tired and […]

Our Love is Beautiful Journey Part Three: Finland – Russia – Northern Silence and Strength

Tampere, Finland. Cars on the streets, and people on the sidewalks, just as in Istanbul, Addis Ababa, Mumbai, but in Finland the sound is turned off.  No more of Mumbai’s near-constant honking saying “here I am, here I am”. No chatter on the sidewalks either. Blue-grey air to match the eyes. Like one inch figurines […]

Our Love is Beautiful Journey Part Two: Mumbai-Addis Ababa-Istanbul App-Mistranslated Diary

Extreme jumps between an incredible connection with new friends, and occasional danger. It’s been a little more than a week but it’s felt like a month. I had to correct some of my openness, due to some mistakes of misplaced faith. And since many of my conversations have recently been filtered through various translation apps on my […]

Our Love is Beautiful Journey Part One: Tokyo-Osaka-Hong Kong Pseudo-Telegraph Transmission

On plane from Hong Kong to Mumbai stop do I long for this transmission to be on telegraph question yes i do stop so I will write it that way comma but not with all caps because that would annoy you dear readers stop So I am reflecting on the east asian part of this […]

Be in the Our Love is Beautiful Video

Hi folks,      Do you have a phone or camera?  Do you have a minute (literally) to spare, and want to be in my new music video?      I am going around the globe in the next two months, filming people saying the words of my song “Our Love is Beautiful”, which I’m […]

Empathy, Rage, and the Idiot Co-pilot

Sometimes we can feel the whole world, and it brings us a golden infinite light, but sometimes empathy touches horrors that overwhelm us. I’m not almighty G-d though I toss and turn with fantasies of possessing a universal force of justice; I’m not each or any of the people on that plane, full of joys […]

Concussion Blog

Here are some scribblings for people who want to know what happened, how I’m doing, and what post-concussion syndrome might feel like. The take-away: don’t worry about me. I’m not yet in top form mentally, but I’ve passed the really scary stuff. I’ve written two new songs since the concussion. It seems singing is way […]

Bela Lugosi’s Dead (FunMachine)

I grew up obsessed with New Order, and also, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, Heaven 17, Gary Numan, and later, Einsturzende Neubauten…. In high school I formed a band that was 3 synths + 1 drummer. The music was in the electropop vein. I started making music after high school again but all my keyboards were in […]

Bedroom Closet Covers -The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)

Hair and Godspell were the only musicals that got serious airplay in my mom’s living room. I blame the hippies for a lot of sloppy parenting but they meant well. Actually maybe they were just narcissists…. Hair was written by people a few years older than those dread Baby Boomers. This song is, like several […]

Bedroom Closet Covers – Floyd the Barber

Not everyone has sweet memories of childhood. then again, kurt was maybe just trying to shock. i love nirvana when they tried to be the melvins. sludge. fun riffs to play on guitar but i thought keyboards & live drum machine would be more punk rock. or punk wrong. or dunked frog. agghh life hurts.

Bedroom Closet Covers – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

I once saw Daniel Ash outside a corner store in Topanga Canyon. He was on a motorcycle; I was on a bicycle…A perfect metaphor for my version next to Bauhaus’s. You couldn’t be less goth than with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, but my dim closet would make nice bat’s quarters…I find this song […]

Bedroom Closet Covers – Age of Consent

My high school band covered new order. They may be a gateway drug to fascism but it is a balm for the burning blue soul when these tones blast a car’s speakers driving nowhere too fast on a rainy night. This was my first time making loops live. I mess up towards the end & […]

Bedroom Closet Covers – Forest Families

Download this track below

Sextortion: director Christopher Caines talks with songwriter Ethan Gold

CC:  Hi, Ethan, So, Sextortion is inspired by a real high school “sextortion” (sexting plus sexual blackmail) scandal, the “Tony Stancl case,” which embroiled a small town in Wisconsin about six years ago, near where playwright Patrick Thomas McCarthy grew up. This has absolutely nothing to do with Songs from a Toxic Apartment, yet it feels […]

Style Blog 1: Style Fahct: Thrift Shops & Generations

I was joking with a friend that I feel so strongly about this theory, it’s not a Style Theory, it’s a Style Fact.  I am reminded of my favorite way to imitate a drunken hooligan: “Uenglund iz the best coontry on Earth.  FAHCT.” I might insert a video of this at some point. OK, the […]

Vlog Blog

My brother convinced me to do some interviews, or more accurately, vlogs. Actually, he didn’t convince me, but I’m doing them anyway. Even though I won the lemon battle 3-0 to decide the matter. We’ll talk about Ethan Gold videos, the ones he worked on anyway, like this one benefitting the Midnight Mission shelter, and […]

The Fog of San Francisco – On the Size Queens and Tim Mooney

When I first heard The Size Queens in my brother’s car, I got the joke, but that was all. “Baby Prostitute” seemed like Lou Reed with a better sense of humor, and more humility. Later, listening to Appetite for Redaction, the Size Queens’ meditation on Afghanistan, the enveloping sound started to work on me in […]

On Hurricane Sandy and Climate Destabilization, or, Pansy-ass Phrases Aren’t the Best Way to Convince People Something Terrible is Happening

So New York is starting to seem untenably low-built, along with every world port city, every wetland, every ocean beach.  The sea level is rising and we know why – heat up ice and it melts.  Is this surprising?  Result – more and more flooding.  Heat up tropical water and the storms get more violent […]

Night Rider

riding through the streets of echo park, on a tuesday under streetlight.  halloween is coming and the houses are decorated with ghosts and gravestones.  the only sound is the rolling of the tires.  i’m on my mother’s bike.  hope her ghost’s not mad about what i said.  there’s no sign of human life, just houses […]

To Isis Sleeping

Belgrade, city I’ve never been to, but I’ve pushed my soul all over the world in the middle of the night, across a street is easy, and made gentler by raindrops you can hear but not feel. Thank you Masa for making this reflection, sweetly distorted by your soul like ripples in a pond, gentle […]

Pictures from the Satellite

Pictures from The Satellite, Silverlake, Los Angeles back in February Thanks to Emily MacDonald, Diana Phillips, Shane Greavette for the pictures.  Thanks to Emily MacDonald, Mitzi Spallas, Sara O’Donnell, and Rebecca Balin for the visuals.

Throwing History Into the Volcano of Music

This week there has appeared the first real article about my music that wasn’t only a review. Most of the album reviews I’ve had for Songs From a Toxic Apartment, my full-length debut, have been very good and nice, other than one jackass who did slack-jawed google-jockey work, dragged false biography into it, and tried […]


Home with a fever on a Saturday night.  I’d say it’s as good a time as any, but for me it’s really a better time than ever to start a blog, a first try at the great art form of the aughts, and it’s already 2012.  How late am I.  Well why not now?  When […]

Photos from Fais Do Do

Here are some photos from Fais Do Do show. Rest of the album on the Facebook Fan Page.

in the mountains

thanks Anne B for the picture

New Bedroom Closet Cover

BEDROOM CLOSET COVERS number five “The Flesh Failures” by Galt MacDermot, James Rado & Gerome Ragni Hair and Godspell were the only musicals that got serious airplay in my mom’s living room.  I blame the hippies for a lot of sloppy parenting but they meant well.  Actually maybe they were just narcissists…. Hair was written […]

My nice skinny Greek blog review

An evidently nice review in Greece!  But we don’t read Greek.  Tell us what she’s saying…. … για όλη τη νύχτα Στο «Why Don’t You Sleep» µια ακουστική κιθάρα σε βάζει σε ένα παραµυθένιο σκηνικό, απ’ αυτά όµως που σε µια γωνιά τους παραφυλάει ζόµπι µε άγριες διαθέσεις. Επίσης σε προετοιµάζει για ένα από τα πιο όµορφα […]

Ethan interviewed by Jan Linder-Koda

Click through on youtube to watch part 2

Bedroom Closet Cover, number four

BEDROOM CLOSET COVERS number four new order “age of consent” my high school band covered new order.  they may be a gateway drug to fascism but it is a balm for the burning blue soul when these tones blast a car’s speakers driving nowhere too fast on a rainy night. this was my first time […]

bedroom closet covers, number two

not everyone has sweet memories of childhood.  then again, kurt was maybe just trying to shock.  i love nirvana when they tried to be the melvins.  sludge.  fun riffs to play on guitar but i thought keyboards & live drum machine would be more punk rock.  or punk wrong.  or dunked frog.  agghh life hurts. […]

On Edge (celestial porch) (video)

Made by Michael Pope, Sarah Bassine, and Trevor Ristow.  In no particular order.  In fact it was all out of order, which was right for the tale.  Sang backwards in Chinatown.  Filmed in downtown NYC, obviously.  Wrong footage mistakenly included in the reels then kept.  Brutal glory years and machines.  Fractured identities.  Another version of […]

bedroom closet covers, number one


Bedroom Closet Covers coming!

Bedroom Closet Covers coming! I’m making a series of covers of some of my favorite songs. All made live in my bedroom closet. It’s a lot smaller than it looks with a wide angle lens.

Poison (video)

Made in Bangkok and over skype.  Hashed it out wherever the wires connect over the Pacific.   The benefits of the global economy.  A fraction of a fraction of what a studio would have paid.  And the amazing work of: Director / Designer Tod Polson, with Exec Producer Juck Somsaman, compositing Supervisor Poul Riishede w/ […]


April 2007. I had a strange experience at South by Southwest. The band I played bass for, the Honey Brothers, had a showcase slot opening for Redman and Sage Francis at SXSW. The Brothers are not a rap band. Anyway, I’d flown to Austin with my birth brother Ari who is also in the band, […]

Ash Wednesday Story

A few years ago, I was living in a dingy apartment, recording dozens of demos for a very dark rock opera. It was a story of rage and despair about everything that seemed wrong with men: war, sex, brutality, insecurity, existential horror. A real “good time”, as they say in disco songs. What I didn’t […]