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Be in the Our Love is Beautiful Video

Our Love is Beautiful

Hi folks,

     Do you have a phone or camera?  Do you have a minute (literally) to spare, and want to be in my new music video?

     I am going around the globe in the next two months, filming people saying the words of my song “Our Love is Beautiful”, which I’m finally putting on my own album Beings which will be released soon after I have a video ready.
     If you’re in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Addis Ababa, Istanbul, Tampere, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Moscow, Cleveland, New York, Mexico City, Patzcuaro, or Los Angeles, let’s hang out!  Let me know you’re there and show me around your city!
     If you aren’t in any of those places and want to be in the video, all you have to do is film yourself with your phone or camera, about medium distance, with whatever landscape behind you that you find pretty or interesting, saying a couple of the words of the song (lyrics are below – you don’t even need to know the melody).  Nothing fancy – I’m doing my part on an iphone, with no special lenses, without any crew or lighting.  COME AS YOU ARE.  Your video can just be a couple seconds long – just say a word or two, especially words from the verses.
     A few technical notes: put your phone or camera about medium distance, oriented sideways (landscape), so you can see your face but so there’s room for some background too – about seven feet without zoom.  Doesn’t have to be too exact, just not too close, not too far.  Best resolution you can, on slo-mo if you have a new iPhone.  Roughly waist-up with your face around the center or just above it.  And as you speak, face your friend’s camera directly at eye-level, with your head straight, not looking up or down or to either side.  That way I’ll have some consistency.  Kinda like this:

Our love is beautiful video

     To send me your clip, you can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and email the link to list@ethangold.com , or if it’s short enough, you could email the full file itself.  If you don’t know how to do any of those things, email us and we’ll send you more instructions.  Legal note: if you do this, you’ve agreed to have the clip of you possibly but not necessarily appear in the official video for “Our Love is Beautiful”, and that Ethan Gold shall own all copyrights of any kind in perpetuity of the final video, with a right to do anything he chooses with it. Sorry but my attorney made me say that!  I also grant you the right to use your own footage for yourself non-commercially.  Ok!
     I look forward to having you be a part of this global expression.  As a planet we need it.
Our Love is Beautiful
come here I want to tell you
something good
something nice
before we wreak it again
can’t bear to see your sweet face
drop like a tear
cos i need you here
you know you’re my only friend
our love is beautiful
our love is beautiful, beautiful
can you see any old magic in the world they’re building
gas stations and cars
and fading stars
who else here thinks that’s strange
well you and i with a few friends
we’ll turn it around
our paradise found
i know the wind’s got to change
our love is beautiful
our love is beautiful, beautiful
we’ve lived our lives, like we were dying
now we won’t ever let it go
In every no-one town
don’t take yourself down
don’t take yourself down
just cos you know they would
In every no-one town
don’t take yourself down
don’t take yourself down
just cos you know they would
our love is beautiful
our love is beautiful, beautiful
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Posted April 11, 2015

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