Adventures of Power (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

After composing for ten short films, Ethan’s first feature film soundtrack, for his brother Ari Gold’s epic air drum comedy, features a wide range of deliberately ridiculous original songs for the big cast of characters to air-drum to. Ethan’s Algerian Rai and Mexican death metal, coffee shop folk and electro-funk, and a lot of cheesy pseudo-80s rock powers this earnestly zany cult film. Soundtrack also includes Ethan’s score which reflects the moods of the American southwest and east coast urban settings.

“Amazing original soundtrack by Ethan Gold.” – Android Zoom

“The soundtrack beautifully accentuates the plot, and is one of the best elements.” – Jerome Wetzel TV

“No doubt one of the best throwback soundtracks of recent memory.” – Vaughn on Movies

“Great instrumental tracks.” – Sunday Paper.com

“The music fits the movie like a glove.” – Slug Magazine

1. The Beat of Our Mama’s Heart
2. New Jersey Nights
3. Impossible Fantasy
4. No Drums
5. A Little Like You
6. Rainwalk
7. Dream Drum Solo
8. Crib Hip Hop Mashup
9. Trains
10. Cerealismo
11. Bring the Hammer Down / Blanda y Mojada
12. Hospital Lullaby
13. Tabla Conga Kit Workout
14. No Hands
15. Nahnu Wahad
16. Impossible Love
17. The Kiss
18. The People Want Peas
19. The Call
20. Lovin’ Tonite
21. We Can’t Beat Them
22. We Got a Job to Do
23. The Docks
24. The Drums of Bakir
25. I Can Feel You
26. The Dance Floor
27. Ecscape, Supposably
28. Showtunes
29. The Armpit of the Nation
30. Union Local 832
31. Memory
32. Bugle Call / Impossible Rainwalk
33. Who I Really Am
34. A Golden Sound
35. Grunge Masterpiece
36. CAP Medley
37. Possible Fantasy
38. New Jersey Nights / Tabla Breakdown
39. Impossible Fantasy Ballad
40. We Are Power

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