Bright & Lonely City

A song of the city night for the introverts

“A beautiful cinematic piece that captures the depths of life from all around the world…Carried beautifully by Gold, “Bright & Lonely City” stays a true blue emotional rocker, but takes you to a whole new realm of introspection.” – BTR Today

Track Listing (Single):
Bright & Lonely City

“Even encountering a little bit of Gold’s gorgeous music is an immersive experience. The three Earth City albums promise a warm, wide, welcoming sonic universe for music lovers to get lost in.” – Essentially Pop (UK)

“Ethan Gold has invested his time in making powerful music for the quiet people, the introverts, and the sensitive ones. This track gives you a gentle indie pop feel with an acoustic sound. It is upbeat enough to twirl in your room and dance until you can’t dance anymore. This is the perfect song to add to your dreamiest playlist.” – Uranium Waves (Canada)