Don’t Let Go (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ethan’s haunted and glitchy music for the 2019 Blumhouse/Universal supernatural urban thriller Don’t Let Go.

“Fueled in part by Ethan Gold’s looping, mysterious score, there’s an edge to it… so uncanny that it creates a hole in the pit of your stomach.” – That Ginger Critic

“A really good score by Ethan Gold, which deepens the emotion of the film in a significant way.” – Joblo

“Ethan Gold contributes a nice score, an emotional, suspenseful work of synths.” – Death of Film Criticism

“The greatest potential in the film comes from the original music by Ethan Gold that sounds like a mixture of Max Richter’s “On the Nature of Daylight” (Shutter Island, Arrival) and Cliff Martinez’s ethereal “He Had a Good Time” from Drive.” – Film Ireland

1. Ashley, Jack, and God
2. My Whole Family Is Dead
3. A Funeral and a Wish
4. Disconnect Notice
5. The Spirit Enters the Room
6. First Connection
7. I Killed the Dog
8. I Can Save Her
9. Aftershocks
10. Parallel Investigations 1
11. Something Familiar to Him
12. Jack Bleeds Out
13. 911
14. Murder 2
15. Parallel Investigations 2
16. Going to the Cafe
17. The Bubble Gum
18. Smeared Ink
19. Going to Eaves
20. Gunshot
21. Wolf in the House
22. A Chase to Change
23. Magical Connection
24. God Rising
25. End Credit Roll

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