Earth City 1: The Longing

Earth City 1: The Longing, the first of a planned trilogy, is an album about those times of reflection when we find compassion for ourselves and others, and rediscover beauty.

“Through a long recovery, he now credits the temporary breaking of his cognitive ability with a clarified mission in a world that seems more and more combative, to bring caring about the world back into the world. And to be a voice for the introverts.” – British Thoughts

“He uses his platform to spread messages to promote mental health awareness, and his music fosters connection and unity for his fans around the world.” – GQ South Africa

“Gold embodies an earnestness and an alacrity that is nearly absent from the pucker and pout pop songs or depressing and dour indie music that seems to dominate the music world of late. It’s a needed boost in the increasingly grim and bleak dystopia that seems to be gripping the future by the neck.” – American Songwriter

“Though the lyrics are relatable and meaningful, the vibes feel philosophical and deeper than just a simple rock song. Carried beautifully by Gold, “Bright & Lonely City” stays a true blue emotional rocker, but takes you to a whole new realm of introspection.” – BTR Today

“Gold seems to be making a beeline for mainstream success, utilising glossy production in service of finely-crafted confessionals with a strong literary bent (perhaps unsurprising, seeing that Gold’s father is celebrated beat writer Herbert Gold). It’s a sound that should, by all rights, see Gold become a darling of the Sunday supplements and discerning pop aesthetes everywhere.” – Shindig Magazine (UK)

“I’m in tears once again upon listening to Ethan Gold’s “In New York”…because Ethan captures the essence, the soul, the heart of the beauty, the loneliness, the melancholy, the bliss, the uplifting and downhearted nooks and nuances of living and breathing in NY…the blend of images and deep identifiable longing emotions is breathtaking. Ethan Gold’s a genius.” – Randee Berman, Mia’s World

“Golds ster wel eens heel snel kunnen rijzen. Gold maakt immers een heel eigen intelligente soort popmuziek die goed doordacht klinkt, maar niet kunstmatig overkomt.” – DaMusic (Netherlands)

“Ethan Gold nodigt ons uit om de wereld te gaan beschouwen vanuit een introvert standpunt, om zo de echte dingen des levens te ontdekken. Zijn teksten werken op zulke manier dat het publiek begrijpt hoe dezelfde patronen uit onze nabije omgeving zich vertalen naar de volledige maatschappij.” – Cultuurpakt (Belgium)

“Also durchaus ein Ticket wert.” – Musik Blog (Germany)

“Earth City 1: The Longing est de ces albums qui ont le pouvoir d’immédiatement vous toucher en plein cœur, et il est aussi et surtout tellement jouissif ! Pour l’heure, j’écouterai assurément avec le même plaisir ces onze chansons si touchantes tout au long de l’année et bien après encore.” – Heepro Music (France)

1. Bright & Lonely City
2. Alexandria & Me
3. Our Love Is Beautiful
4. It’s Never Enough
5. Storm Coming
6. Pretty Girls
7. Firefly
8. Living Without You
9. Terese
10. It’s Okay, Sid
11. In New York

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