The Last Dive

Ethan Gold’s new single “The Last Dive” is an homage to old dive bars and the joy of sleazy exploration. Tipping the hat to Iggy, David and Lou, and all the neighborhood bar haunts.


“The Last Dive reminds us that before music was about arena gigs with a ticket price which can turn your hair white, synch deals, reality TV spin-offs and having your own range of perfume, it was about smaller, more intimate gigs, experiences which could occasionally change peoples lives. Ethan Gold doesn’t want us to forget that, and I’m behind him all the way.” – The Swindonian UK

Track Listing (Single):
The Last Dive

“Through a long recovery, he now credits the temporary breaking of his cognitive ability with a clarified mission in a world that seems more and more combative, to bring caring about the world back into the world. And to be a voice for the introverts. To lift the quiet ones into their magnificence. Or, as he says with a slightly self-mocking tone, ‘Make sensitivity cool again.’” – British Thoughts

“Social distancing and the need to stay indoors more often has meant loss of traffic to entertainment venues across the board, not to mention other arts gatherings and venues, and the impact this is all having on the respective artists. The latest single from celebrated Los Angeles indie pop trailblazer Ethan Gold brings some of these fears to the surface in his new single, which are actually an extension of such problems as urbanization and gentrification that already existed earlier.” – Spill Magazine

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