The Song of Sway Lake (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Soundtrack album to Ari Gold’s 2018 family drama set in the Adirondack mountains. Includes Ethan’s full pastoral score, which blends nostalgic piano and ambient influences. Soundtrack album opens with the title song Ethan wrote and produced to sound like two hits from the 1930s and 1940s, featuring John Grant and the Staves on vocals on two versions. Album’s second half is a rich set of recordings from Ethan’s working process, “Sketches of Sway,” closing with Ethan singing two alternate demo versions of the title track.

“Gold’s bravura effort to create original music to both fit the jazz age theme as well as pushing the boundaries by blending elements of classical and new music and enlisting artists such Jon Hassell, John Grant, The Staves and Fred Frith, results in one of the most striking and extensive scores we’ve heard in a while.” – AMFM Magazine

“The soundtrack appropriately captures the film’s themes of longing to recapture better days. The reveal of the titular track is amazing.” – Film Threat

“The music, so prominent in The Song of Sway Lake, creates its own dream-like world that both heightens reality and helps one drift away from it.” – Cultured Vultures

“’Sway Lake’ is just one of many beautiful original songs written for the movie by the director Ari Gold’s twin brother Ethan Gold. They are convincingly composed in a 1940’s style that belongs on records; scratches and hiccups and all.” – InQua Magazine

1. Sway Lake (Lost Record Version) (feat. John Grant)
2. Sway Lake (Big Band Version) (feat. The Staves)
3. Pure Water Opening
4. An Empty Lodge
5. Ghost at the Dock
6. Ollie’s Dream
7. Glimpses
8. Hal’s Hands
9. Starlight Reveries
10. Guide Boat Daylight
11. Guide Boat Moonlight
12. Nikolai’s Dream
13. Hallways
14. Nikolai’s Row
15. Pure Water Pills
16. Charlie’s Shame
17. Dust
18. Hidden in the Attic
19. Ghost in the Mirror
20. Orphan Waking
21. Kiss on the Point
22. Wet Walk
23. Orphan Usurper
24. Betrayal Reveries
25. Pure Water Tears
26. The Old Watch
27. Blood in the Water
28. Sway Lake Finale
29. Issa Intermezzi
30. Bittersweet J
31. Bittersweet Orchestra
32. Bittersweet Finale
33. Drone Symphone
34. Orphan Orchestra
35. Orphan Finale
36. Pure Water Dark Opening
37. Quiet Lake Orchestra
38. Quiet Lake Orchestra
39. Small Combo
40. Family Piano Exercise
41. Orphan Steps
42. Mice
43. Hymns on the Lake
44. Ripples Electric
45. Timmy Theme 1
46. Timmy Theme 2
47. Ghost Theme
48. Sway Lake (Swing Demo)
49. Sway Lake (Rhumba Demo)

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