Home with a fever on a Saturday night.  I’d say it’s as good a time as any, but for me it’s really a better time than ever to start a blog, a first try at the great art form of the aughts, and it’s already 2012.  How late am I.  Well why not now?  When I feel ill the inhibitions to love fall away.  Like a drunken text from under a table at a bar, in the fever of illness I want to tell all the people I care about that I cherish them and that their lives are precious.  I even look with amused kindness on the few enemies… Truth be told no-one seems like an enemy when in the embrace of fever.  I also get to experience the fantastic Alice in Wonderland effect.  Last night my arms seemed for a while to be legs, big muscular legs like a Scottish rugby player’s.  Twas very strange having them attached to the upper part of my body.  Too bad no balls came flying in the window, for I would have known what to do with them!  When I wasn’t getting up to blow my nose I chose to find it amusing.  As I told one of the many other sickies this week, it worked for Coleridge.  Sometimes fever produces glittering cities I can ride over like in a celestial chairlift, and the buildings go up block by block wherever I turn my heavy head.  I guess this is why some people use drugs.  It’s the best reason, but it’s still a bad reason.

Is a fever a good door to the inner workings of a mind?  Does anyone care?  Do I care?  Like many first bloggings, I’m going to trumpet it loud and proud that this is just an experiment.  Really I’d prefer to be on stage or in the studio.  Like a cheetah would rather be on the savannah, not in a cement room.  Would soldiers rather be in battle than at training camp?  I don’t know, probably not.  (Any soldiers out there, speak up.)  I can be pretty sure the generals would rather have a war to fight than be doing theoretical simulations back in Virginia.   And that is just one of our problems.  At least we can take comfort that we are not unique, the Athenians went down for the same reason…

And consider my toe dipped in this business.  Whether I continue will be made apparent by whether this entry is at the top of ye page.

And here is a picture of the fever.  I FB’ed that my fever was such that I could cook an egg on my head, and someone suggested I capture the moment.  We care about customer service, apparently.

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