Je Suis

“Je suis Paris.”  I am Beirut.  I am Ankara.  I am Garissa University.  I am schoolgirl on a Russian plane flying out of an Egyptian vacation.  I am a Guatemalan girl traded into slavery.  I am a bonobo murdered in a rainforest.  I am a sloth falling to my death in a clearcut tree.  I am a father mourning his son in Paris.  I am a son mourning his heroic father Adel Termos in Beirut.  I am a Kurd and a Turk mourning his compatriots in Ankara.  I am a grandmother mourning her grandchildren in Garissa.  I am a mother mourning her daughter in St Petersburg.  I am a family of apes looking for the lost.  I am a baby animal wandering dead trees and branches while the sounds of monsters approach.  Yet I am also none of those.  Those who have a heart to mourn, take strength that so many mourn.  It’s going to take both heart and mind working together know what must be healed, what can be cured, and what must be destroyed on this beautiful Earth.  Let those who believe in apocalypse and martyrdom have it for themselves.  And let those of us who believe in life make more kindness, more compassion, more fairness, more love, more life.

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Elementor #58546

SINGLES “Our Love is Beautiful” “In New York” 3:05 “Alexandria & Me” “Bright & Lonely City” 3:23 “Firefly” 3:45 “Pretty