Impossible Fantasy Ballad

They say it’s an “impossible fantasy”

They say the world will laugh at me

They say, “keep your head down,

You look like a clown,

Dreams aren’t for you or me.”

You’ve been workin’ hard

All across the land

But soon come a day

You’ll take your stand

Down in the field

It’s dry and hot

But up in the sky

You’ll be a cosmonaut

Yes, you’re spreading those wings

And you’re learnin’ to fly

Well, you can’t succeed

If you don’t try

Yes, you’re workin’ hard

Lord knows they work you to the bone

And then bring you down

When you get home

You got a master plan

Nobody understands

I know you’ll find a way

To make a brighter day!

That Impossible Fantasy

Is guiding you fearlessly

To a glorious place

Out in outer space

Where your horses run free!

“Impossible Fantasy”

Is becoming your destiny

So raise your head high

You’ll rocket to the sky

And remake the astronomy

They said “Impossible Fantasy” (Time to begin!)

But now the whole world is cheering me (Ah-ahhhh!!)

To a glorious place

Out in deepest space

Yes we’ve made our dream reality!

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