In New York

Our Eden, dear, is here, in New York
Stone churches where our searches could be halted
For I’ve found not a sound can be faulted
Hear the distant siren’s cry
As another life flies by
In New York

In the eve we’ll skip and weave through streets and parks
Morns we’ll strive, in the hive, coffee and water
Under lights, summer nights will be hotter
Sidewalks to building tops
Heat rises, never stops
In New York

But les belles avenues we inherit
Lose their spell with no tu to share it
And to tell a thing true, I couldn’t bear it
Without you, my love
I’d curse the spires above
In New York

As a storm gathers form, through the arch
I will stroll under the rolling skies which teach me
How I’d grieve if I’d leave, the drops beseech me
Take my chance with destiny
Someone who holds me free
In New York

In this town full of fortune I’m failing
All the towers tall and short I’m not scaling
But about this report, there’s no wailing
For with you, my love
We’ve got plans to speak of
Yes with you, my love
We can steal the stars above
In New York

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