Ally! Alley-oop!

Ally!  Alley-oop!
Sally!  Sally forth!
Stan!  Stand up!
Ron!  Round up!
Bill!  Build it they will come!
Frank!  Be frank!
Penelope!  Play your calliope!
Cantaloupe!  You can’t marry a fruit!
Where did I leave my senselessness?
Somewhere round the corner
With the gathering crowds, where I lost my wallet,
Pounding pants in a panic
Surrounded by screaming temptations
I slithered home, under the rocks
Where the rays of the sun won’t burn my back
Where the walls are painted white
The faces have flattened to names I type
So rarely to recite
Control yourself, extoll the trolls
Don’t step out into the light
We were named at birth and go on naming
And blurry floating heavenly vacant
	 Wrongs descend to right