i got a new phone

i got a new phone
i spent sunday night, while the air was wet outside, cool, my favorite
i was indoors transferring data
and testing
and fucking around with swipe movements
and reading articles online about swipe movements
and playing along with a global madness of
disappearing from out of this magical four-dimensional tactile scratch-a-sniff stage
and into the dreams of rich brats who moved to the Bay Area and drove up prices
so artists and poets don’t move there anymore
the city of my childhood, San Francisco
you once led the way for dreamers
and now those dreams have congealed hard and slick
and these little slick things
are like a robot’s bdsm toy
we all carry them, portals to a rather drab dream
and i feel like noon on Christmas,
glassy-eyed at the mess of unwrapped dead things,
cold ghosts, empty, and i’m angry, it’s 
not things i wanted you zombies, grimacing mothers, invisible fathers
awful little things!  what have i done!
smug curls of plastic, and now the only zombie here is me and
i’m blinking at midnight at a kitchen table!
well thank god as my irritation rises
i remember books and words and you poets i’ll type this scrawl to in the morning
and the hum of the night air
and the round disappearance of warm sleep.

let the infinite rough contours of a pillow,
the universes inside my pen
the specks of dust dancing around a night lamp
the vague smell of house mold and city
be the nature of updates i go to again and again
never forget your body
its endlessly unfolding mystery
and its absolute mastery of being