ive bin riting bad

ive bin riting bad
poems in the rong way since i started
thaz wat poems r 2 me
a place 2 spill
ya know i make other art where i don allow myself to spill
i think 
when i get outta the zone of inspirashun
i think i gotta
pik up the milk
but i cant becuz pickin it up wud jus get my hands dirty 
and nun of the milk would get saved anywaze
so here on a stoopid page
i jus spill and hope that will
n’t piss anyone off
but if it does fuckit
thaz part of the thing
to care not
to take any ‘you suck’
and litrally not react
like a sun wud (n’t) 2 a passing asteroid
like whatever dude pass on by bye bye i don care
but if by some who nose what why 4 sumbuddy, iz good
then bring iton
lez bild sum energy up
if it feels gud 4 u it feels gud 4 me
everybuddy needs it