Keep Smiling

Keep smiling
Bright days, the sun in your teeth
Cell by cell, burn off the sheaths
Those raging coats of iron
You steeled yourself with
It was always to keep quiet
That was where the brute licks and lashes couldn’t ever reach
Safe in a pool of god’s heavenly light
Four, five, six, seven, eight, and still unborn
It’s the bridge the narrow passage
The handshake the touch that was stillborn
Not me, in the quiet room
Bathing in the light!
Coveted by the space between stars
Loved but from afar
And there’s a telephone line going up my spine
And that line is always open
And yet, when I stepped out, crashed
Through the glass and into the warm chaos
Of the family of the world
My spells rolled up, desiccated instantly
Like sweet tea I was holding to serve my masters between Polaris and Cassiopeia
Fried, pulverized 
No trace
Cup in hand, hurling toward the unholy fires of an unlovely brown sun
With only asteroids black cracky rock to tenderize my milky skin
Keep smiling if you still have the light
Keep smiling to yourself, knowing you are right
But it keep it like a cypher
Your light’s not welcome here
In this field of distorted physics
Still bouncing between violent births and glory-free deaths
Keep smiling, sure, my co-explorer
But the word I heard from the disintegrated bird
Keep smiling to yourself