new years eve bus in snow

snowy field
powder on steep hillsides
moonlight particles, one to a million, penetrate the insulation of fog
bus hums and rumbles
lights flash
snow everywhere, snow
pipes line down the hillsides, powdered
the wail of emptiness
driver drives, pale black skin, sagging a bit on his face
a new year approaches
another tree, powdered
wet and cold, the world is hollow tonight
where are you?
tied into the web of electricity, the pulls of longing, friendship, destiny, belonging
i don’t have a face in this dark
the sheen of the road is black
shh, shhhh
wet wheels
be quiet
om through the symmetry of barreling and boiling through time
the dimension of gallantry
i have not left myself
i have not abandoned myself
i am free of the past
but i still chain myself to the future
let me stay
let me live out my destiny
let me make dreams into crystal palaces
edible, nourishing, delectable, sensual
the eros of light
the eros of breath, entering my cock
bury every rascal that would turn life into stone
give life to the living,
death to the worshippers and prostate tyrants who allow themselves to be used
do not be used, my friends
god is an awareness
that feeds you when you are sick
that comforts when you starve
that suckles you when your desire to give 
brings the scream to your throat
hear me!
may we be heard
	may we listen
may we be loved
	may we open our mouths to the starlight in our chests