Oozing Little Monarchs

Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody
Fuck everybody

I’m supposed to hurl myself against a wall again, yeah?
Gear up, strap up, heavy breath, run with everything
Slam against the wall

Slovenly mediocrities sitting sloppy in chairs
The judges at the crossroads
Give them an echo of an echo and they’ll smile
Give them rough gems and they’ll drop it through fat fingers like dirt

I’m not going to even bother to make poetry
Not even in this non-poem
Why dance faerie circles around the truth
Why create grace for a world build on commerce?

God is money
Love is a contract
Art is grains of sand in a rich man’s purse
Weigh my soul on a scale with a million other grains
Claustrophobic and crushed

You have no ears
Your smug heart
You raging nothings
You have never skimmed the rings of Saturn skidding back home
You are a two foot section of pipe in a gurgle of garbage 
Spinning trash round and around in upon itself
Coprophilic mediocrities
Smug hufflepuff curators 
You act a queen bee, your real queen has put you there
And you with the soul of a shit carrier
Bringing ghastly junk back to your real queen
Evil in her intention
Power over all
Crush the flowers
Crush the faeries
Crush the creatures you can’t momentarily exalt as copies
Leave us with only cats and dogs
And your oozing black waste
Sticky mountains of useless junk
If it were more toxic it would do something,
Corrode what it touches for worms and fungus to eat through
But it does not
It just sits there piling higher and wider
Foul emptiness

Create a new world where a fresh color outside the spectrums we can name
Beams in like good news and can swim like a dolphin with the physical world
Arcing its back,
Deliciously tasting union 
With energies unlike itself
Where new universes spring forth from a single touch