Plastic Island

Take-home chihuahuas
Organic pheromones
PG group texts
Business-ready flower arrangements

	Beautiful software
		Balanced checkbook
	Bountiful supermarket
			Buoyant  	Realdoll

Plastic island
Plastic island rumor
Plastic documentary
Plastic island.

Amazon Prime beef
Burnt forest universities
Yogini influencers
Alt-right punk

I dare you.
Dare me.
I dare you.
Dare me.


The rage of ancestors
The stage of vaudevillians
The wise owl sits flat on a t-shirt
Ayahuasca jaguars became

Let me gurgle the refuse, my skin is a mirage, I hate my body, I hate everybody
I won’t spit anything out ever again
I drink it all 
Float me out on a raft of garbage, all the colors of a rainbow reflected against the sunset
The sun is disappointed in us but he’ll keep on blastin’
My fingers are corroding from salt, my teeth are rotting
It’s all gone, all of it all of it all of it all of it.  It.  It.  OBject.  Don’t object.
The Peloponnesians, Wagner’s falling out with Friedrich
That guy who drove straight through the ghosts he made from a motorcycle gang in New Hampshire just last week
Bickering relatives
Babies on fire
The embarrassing CD collection
The embarrassing partner collection
The hairs standing up on a white girl’s arm in a drive-in movie theatre in Riverside, 1956
A grain of wheat fights his brothers for a stroke of sunlight
The struggle to live
Fighting across the seas
The will to live, to be safe, to fuck, to die knowing your fucking 
made something that will outlive you,
Safe in the palaces you built for them
to hate you in
Before they step into the old churning juggernaut of blades, the scythes
That separate everything into tinier and tinier little bits
Zeroes and Ones
Ones and Zeroes
One or zero: Pick one, you zero
Lonelies and Nobodies.
No twos.
No union.
Separation our national lodestar
Off we threw the chains 
That wrapped us through life like a double helix
Solo our heroes
Alone, chop up
Organic juice powder
Mechanically pulverized miracles.
It is more efficient to contain multitudes
Quickly, before your body falls apart.

I hope the spirit lives in rocks
or maybe just in the air.
but anyway
GMO microorganisms will digest everything a few billion years 
before the sun devours this wet 

Plastic island
Plastic island rumor
Plastic documentary
Plastic island