A little girl dreams of taking the veil
After the bullfight
I hear your voice 
Way down inside
Whispering sea
Of towering trees
Screams like a flood of life's flesh and blood
If I'm losing you then there's nothing more that I can say
With God-given fields
What can I say?
Stealing every thought I own
To fight the bold fight
Every word sunk in deep
To fight the bullfight
Miles ahead of the rest
Miles ahead of the others
Miles ahead of me and you and
This time has come to show
I'm told nothing more than what I should know
The ship on the sea
Clings to your hands like water in sand
When you're gone
Steal every thought I own
Say a prayer for my release
My strength will return
All the fear in the world 
Naked and shy
Down on our knees
No reason why
And the voices may holler
Rabbits have fled their hollows
All has gone to Earth
A kingdom reigns from ashes
Should the rain break through the trees
I'll run to you 
Nothing stands between us now
This light inside can never die
We'll swim the seas inside you
Upon the waves of Summer 
Promises we hold
Fuck You
Came through like lightning
Like a sword 
Like Hell
Death after love...
"Nothing stands between us now."
Another world just made for two
I'll tear my very soul to make you mine.
Warm me up, not us.
Three is too much,
Even now.
Like stormy cliffs, scarred and unhealing
You turned away first
On a day of calm, beckoning to wary voyagers
To come and quench their thirst
I'll keep running 
Blessed with all the thunder in the world
Children ask me to come home
Like a boat inside a storm
So I keep falling into the water
I found out, standing right beside her
Pins are in my fingers.
stream of unconsciousness!

-(written in 1988-1989, Cambridge MA)