Straddling Worlds

I want to be straddling worlds.
I want to have one hand in heaven and
	another on Earth.
Raise me up into the honey sky
but bring my little crying fighter with me.
He has been ever taking flight at moments of doubt
while his body is wet and naked on the wet and naked ground.

So teach me how to rise up into the lightning goo
Without leaving him behind

This is why I haven’t committed
To the heavenly way
Must we strand on a receding planet our selfish dreams?
Or maybe we don’t abandon or bury them,
But plant them in gardens for others to grow and eat.
Our strivings and their disappointments and defeats
	led us to god.
Carry the imprint of our shells back to the source
As one of the totally unique mirrors
Mirrors infinite in number and design
To show to the infinite light behind light beyond light
Who sought to know another 
By seeing itself.

								Ethan Gold

-May 17, 2020