Sunsets in LA

i wrote a song called “sunset beach”
my first collaboration with an LA songwriter
he woke up the studio day saying when I called him
“i think i just came”
it was off to a sticky sickly start.
fucking yuk.
yuck town.
this was before she rebirthed herself, this alexandria by the mountains
he sold our song and didn’t tell me
a friend in brazil saw the action movie — 
your song is in this big jean claude van damme movie!
welcome to betrayal
i thought it was the lawyers and record business douchebags who did that kind of stuff
not fellow musicians
well i’ve taken “sunset beach” back
strapped it to sparkly synthesizer noises
put some dear friends on the choruses
we all need summer
not the real one, hot and whining and oily dust in the air
but the ones where wind blows in from the pacific
on a sandy lover blissed out from the solar rays
skin giving off heat
all night long

Aug 28, 2019, Los Angeles