trance poetry

lover in the sky
i heard you
zapped across wiry waves
and who will bring us together 
now or when the ages have turned?
dear one i don’t think anything of your oddness
good god we have this life and are who we are
like butterflies and zebras
you are blessed and not just by me
now i hold you in my arms

may the long time sun
earth time moon
give you into my life
a life
nesting together

or preserved
so we allow gods to work
every moment is


you’ll be
barred from doing it your way.
doing it quietly
airing your voice to
yourself only.
passing your days and nights
like you are another woman.
under the same
spells that
forbid every poet that ever came into a body.
or maybe you’ll be walking by and you’ll know just who you are.
right as a flower
taking its beauty twisting to the sky
yet waiting for me