Whisper of love from the phantom messenger of my black hair amour

the stadiums of my dreams
flicks across your back
my fingers fellows following the captain’s black sack
cheapened similes but my arms wide to hold you through the nights
air in and out of breaths, windows, coats laying
soldiers asleep on brute-footed suspense
i wait for you
carry me through these last days of solitude
assure me i haven’t yearned for a phantom but a man
you, ethan, my lover, my protector, my confidant, my comedian, 
my nurturing loving fullness, my man
i haven’t waited for you til now
but now i wait,
as the long night ticks to morning
the changing of the orbs is slow but sure
our day comes
our union thrills the electricity of my heart
bring me a kiss
i am yours

Feb 2013