Whatever Interview: Ethan Gold A Chat Three Years Later

Songs From A Toxic Apartment was made as a complete piece, which puts me at odds with the iTunes culture of single-track focus. I spent a long time making a flow to tell the story I wanted to tell, out of a strange group of songs that started as demos for an opera. Other than one song which I recorded straight as I walked in the door at 3am from a lonely walk with only a half run-through, which provided a bit of a bridge emotionally. You might or might guess which song that is. Anyway it was a lot of carving and painting to make a complete experience…”

Read more of Ethan’s interview with Amy Grimm at Whatever….


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SINGLES “Our Love is Beautiful” “In New York” 3:05 “Alexandria & Me” “Bright & Lonely City” 3:23 “Firefly” 3:45 “Pretty